Website Development for New Life Painting

We created design and tested conversion rate

New Life Painting

At New Life Painting, we Do Things the Right Way. A fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into your home – and at Hisway Painting, we’re able to revive tired spaces and create a fresh, attractive look, indoors or out. We know that every job we do, big or small, contributes to our reputation and success.

By putting our customers first, we have become the premier painting company in the greater Boston area.



  • Development site for New Life Painting
  • The output of search queries in the top 10 of Google
  • An increase in site traffic from search engines and contextual advertising
  • Increase services sales

The first milestone was the construction of the site structure, taking into account the semantic core and analysis of competitors’ sites. The terms of reference for filling into account all the necessary parameters of usability.

  • Attendance per month 18 387 people
  • Attendance growth is 1 624%
  • Number of requests is 1 950
  • Increase in the number of requests 2 100%
  • Search phrases in the top-10 is 96%
For the website has been developed convenient logical structure for a positive interaction with potential customers and to cover the greatest number of search phrases.
It was conducted A / B testing to select the optimal tariff plans and to find most conversional forms of  orders.
Due to the positive experience with search traffic, it was decided to launch an advertising campaign on Facebook